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Having original art hanging on the walls of your home or office can really bring a sense of wellbeing to your life, it can be a great topic of conversation and add character to any room.  You can commission me to paint or draw your favourite pet or a special place of interest; where you first met your partner or spouse, where you got engaged or married, special holiday or would you like a self portrait or an abstract image using colours that evoke special memories and emotion for you? 


If you would like to commission a painting, drawing or image please email, telephone or write to discuss your interest and cost (see contact details). Prices will depend on size of image and whether you want me to get them professionally framed for you (recommended); getting the right frame can really enhance a piece of art.

I will need a good selection of photographs of the subject you wish me to paint or draw. If what you want painting is local to me (within 20 mile radius), I can take my own photographs and do sketches of reference.

Alternatively if you see an image you like on my website but is SOLD or Not For Sale you could commission me to do a similar painting - prices on application.

I will need a minimum of six weeks notice for a commission to be completed and delivered, so please bear this in mind when considering a commission. Commissions are non refundable due to the nature of them being personal to you.

The original piece of art will belong to the buyer (you) the copyright of that image belongs to the artist (me) and only the artist has the right to reproduce that image in any format.

Please contact me to discuss the various forms of payment.

Various Framed Art
Various Framed Paintings
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